Listen over advokater er utarbeidet for å gjøre det enklere å få en oversikt over enkelte advokater i Spania som behersker norsk og/eller engelsk og innebærer intet ansvar for deres kompetanse og redelighet, og heller ikke for eventuelle juridiske konsekvenser av at en av advokatene på listen kontaktes. Det er advokatene selv som har oppgitt kontaktinformasjon og hva de har spesialisert seg på.


Ábaco Advisers
Calle María Parodi 8, 3º, 03181, Torrevieja, Alicante
Tel: (+34) 966 703 750
E-mail: Website:
Contact person: Marina Azahara Lorente
Geographical biz area: Offices in Alicante, Torrevieja and Marbella.
Specialization: Property conveyance, personal tax declarations, inheritance law, and property associated legal matters.
Languages: Norwegian, Swedish, English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Ayela Abogados
C/. Juan Bautista Lafora, 3.CP-03002 Alicante
Tel: (+34) 965 205 333; Fax: (+34) 965 217 563;
Email:; web page:
Contact person: Carmen Ayela Samper
Specialization: International private law, real estate law, family and successions law, mercantile law, tax law, investment, damages, mark, design and author Law,insurance law, sport law.

Bifrost Law
C./ Gabriel Miró, 6, Parque Alfaz II, 2-2. CP-03580 Alfaz del Pi
Phone: (+34) 966 814 500; Fax: (+34) 966 814 150;
Email:; web page:
Contact person: Thomas Rønning
Geographical biz area: All Spain, but especially Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and the big cities. Network of lawyers in Oslo, Bergen, Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Benidorm, Torrevieja and Malaga
Specialization: International transactions, M&A, corporate law, tax advice, inheritance law and property law. Legal advice to Scandinavian business interests in Spain or Latin America, and to Scandinavian expatriates in Spain.

Carmen Sanz Abogados
Edificio Anfiteatro A, 5th floor, door 1. Avenida de L´Aigüera.03501 Benidorm
Phone: +34 607 421 655 - +34 914 260 723
Email: ; Webpage:
Specialities: We cover the whole Spain from our offices in Madrid and Alicante. Sale-Purchase of properties, Inheritance, Contracts, Family Law, Insurance, Taxes, Mercantile Law (company law). Litigation (court cases).
Languages: Norwegian, Spanish and English

CBL Lawyers
C/ Pintor Lorenzo Casanova, nº66-1ºa, 03003 Alicante
Phone: +34 965 921 853/ 54
E-mail: Webpage:
Contact person: Mr. Carlos Baño Leon
Specialities: Property law, international Commerce, Commercial Debt Collection, Administration/Bankruptcy Insolvency Procedures, Enforcement of Foreign Law Judgements Spain, General Dept Collections, Commerical Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law.
Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch

Colás Abogados
Paseo del Mediterráneo nº 1, despacho 3. CP-03590 Altea
Phone: +34 966 446 819; Mobile: +34 646 860 529
E-mail:; Webpage :
Contact person: Adv. Hugo Gutiérrez Colás
Specialization: Claims for payment, divorce, separation, wills and inheritance, usufruct, donation, contracts, lettings, conveyancing, purchase of real estate. Property offences & personal offences. Creation of companies, reform of company by-laws, mergers & splits.
Geographical biz area: Mainly Costa Blanca, but also northern Spain, especially Santander and Bilbao.
Languages: Spanish, Swedish and English.

Interteam Consulting S.L.
Urbanización “La Zenia”. Roundabout 332. Road Villamatín 2,1º D
Phone: +34 966 730 056, Email:
Web page: ,
Geographical biz area: Alicante and Murcia. Orihuela Costa. Costa Blanca.
Contact person: Anastasio Pozo Villar
Specialization:  Mercantile law, civil law, tax legal consultancy for Scandinavian and British residents and not residents. Inheritance tax and no resident tax (Corporations and Subsidiary company from Norway)
Languages: English, Norwegian, French, Dutch, German and Spanish.

JLCA&AS Lawyers
Avda Escandinavia 72, Urb Alto Mar 2,  L7 Y 8 Gran Alacant, 03130 Santa Pola.
Phone : (+34) 966698796; Fax : (+34) 966699570
Email:; Web page :
Specialization : International, commercial law, civil (actions for payment, inheritances, mortgages, seperations and divorce, contracts in general - sales, lease, purchase options, action against builders) criminal, traffic accidents, administrative town planning.
Languages : Spanish, English, Swedish,French, Russian, Persian, Italian, German
Geographical Biz Area : Offices in Elche, Santa Pola and London

Karl Johan Lien Warpe
C/. Teniente Segui, 20, bajo. CP-03580 Alfaz del Pí
Phone: (+34) 965 889 151; Fax: (+34) 965 887 807
Contact person: Karl Johan Lien Warpe
Parent company – Norwegian partner(s): Advokatene Engelsen, Helgesen & Haugland
Cooperation with 4 Spanish law firms in Madrid, Alfaz, Benidorm and Villajoyosa
Geographical biz area: Mainly Costa Blanca, but also rest of Spain
Specialization: Law assistance to Norwegians in Spain, international law, inheritance questions and resolving problems.

Ripoll Abogados
Edificio Anfiteatro A, 5º 1ª. Avenida de l'Aiguera. CP-03501 Benidorm
Phone: (+34) 965 855 950; Fax: (+34) 965 855 444;
Email:; web page:
Specialization: Conveyancing, Taxation, Inheritance Law, Litigation, Bankruptcy Law and International Family Law
Geographical biz area: Spain
Languages: Scandinavian, English and Spanish

Scan Law
C./ Pau Casals 16, CP-03581 El Albir (Alicante)
Phone: (+34) 965 887 765; Fax: (+34) 965 889 909;Mobile: (+34) 685 412 635;
Email:; web page:
Contact person: Erik C. Saunes
Geographical biz area: We cover all of Spain, including the Canary Islands and the Baleares. Network of lawyers in Oslo, Trondheim, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Alicante, Benidorm, Malaga, Mallorca and the Canary Islands.
Specialization: Property law, inheritance law, contract law, international private law, tax law and declarations. Legal advice to Scandinavians with private and business interests in Spain.

Schomerus - Rechtsanwälte & Abogados
Explanada de España, 1-pral.
E-03002 Alicante
Phone: +34 965215399 Fax: +34 965213965
E-mail: Webpage:
Contact person: Andreas Schomerus
Specialization: National and international civil law. Assisting in a number of criminal and administrative law fields. Real estate law, inheritance law, medical professional and hospital liability, recourse and recovery claims by (health) insurance companies, insurance law, compensation for personal injury, cross-border enforcement, dealings with the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market [OAMI] relating to trademark registration within the European Union, time-sharing contracts
Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian

TLA Corp (Tax , Lawyers & Architects Corporation )
Avda. Del Calvario nº38 Local E. 03340 Albatera, Alicante.
Tel: (+34) 965 488 168; Fax: (+34) 965 487 193;
Email:; web page:
Contact person:  Juan Carlos Marhuenda Gómez 
Colegio de Abogados de Orihuela Licence Number 1243.
Consultation: first consultancy free.
Legal Speciality: Civil law, rustic –urban construction, legalizations, inheritances. Other Standard Services: Tax advice, arquitects.
Additional Services & Information: TLAcorp is member of the Law Society of England and Wales.
Geographical biz area : Alicante, Murcia, Andalucía.

Zafo Law 
Avd. Maisonnave 3, 4ª. CP-03003 Alicante
IP: (0045) 87 53 87 80; Tlf: (+34) 965 929 709; Fax: (+34) 965 929 707
Email:; web page:
Danish and English spoken


Fabregat Perulles Sales Abogados, SCP
Plaza Bonanova 4, 1º-1ª, 08022 Barcelona
Phone: (+34) 932 054 231
Specialities: M&A, corporate law, foreign investments, litigation, real state, planning & construction law
Geographical biz area: Catalonia, Valencia & Balearic Islands
Languages: English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish and Catalan

Hugo Navarette Gragera and José M. Guamis Navarette
Contact person: Hugo Navarrete
C/. Cartagena 245, 3A. CP-08025 Barcelona
Fax: (+34) 933 107 003, Mobile: (+34) 661 886 587
English spoken.
Fields of expertise: Long experiance on dealing with Norwegian citizens issues in Spain. Property law, inheritance law, contract law, international private law, and employment law. Legal advice to Norwegians and Scandinavians with private and business interests in Spain. 

Zafo Law
Avda. Diagonal 415, 2ª. CP-08008 Barcelona
IP:    (0045) 875 387 81; Tlf.: (+34) 932 389 300; Fax: (+34) 932 389 301   
Email:; web page:
Danish and English spoken 


Antonio Guerra García
Pueblo Canario, Apto. 458. Playa de las Américas
Phone: (+34) 922 793 751; (+34) 922 793 809, Fax: (+34) 922 750 785
Specialization: Civil law, criminal law, mercantile, matrimonial, labour, fiscal.

Beatriz del Moral. Despacho internacional
Playa del Inglés, Gran Canaria.
Phone: (+34) 928 7737 08; (+34) 928 779 023;
Mobile: (+34) 607 387 208; Fax: (+34) 928 760028
Email: bdelmoral@beatrizdelmoral; web page:
Specialization: Real estate

Iris Feier and Olaguibel Rivera
C/ Piqueras 5- edf. Ikarus (La Paz). CP-38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Phone: (+34) 922 374 824; (+34) 922 380 016; Fax: (+34) 922 373 151
German and English spoken
Specialization: Civil law, mercantile, fiscal.

Isabel Lindemann Ruiz. Teneriffa Beratung, Lindemann & Asociados
Calle Arenales Nº 19. C.C. Parque Santiago VI (justo al lado de los juzgados de Arona). Planta baja, local 5. Los Cristianos. CP-38650. Arona
Phone: (+34) 922 78 76 57; (+34) 638 803 841, Fax: (+34) 922 78 76 58
email:; web page:
German and Enlish spoken.
Specialization: Civil law, criminal, mercantile, labour, fiscal.

Advokatfirmaet Kristensen
C/. Domingo Suárez 14A, 1ª. Arguineguin (Las Palmas)
Phone Norway: +47 404 129 56 Phone Spain: +34-610 887 670
Email:; web page: 
Specialization: Property law, family law, tax law, inheritance law.

Rudolf Rudiger Schmidt
C/ Los Barriales 6. CP-38280 Pedro Alvarez (Tegueste)
Phone: (+34) 922 152 440, Fax: (+34) 922 153 213
German and English spoken.
Specialization: Civil law, criminal law.

Sonia Méndez Schroder
C/ Imeldo Serís 11. CP-38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Phone: (+34) 922 291 173; Fax: (+34) 922 241 542
German and English spoken.
Specialization: Civil law, criminal-, mercantile, labour, fiscal.

Spacek - Victor E. Von Streer
C/ La Marina 10. CP-38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Phone/fax: (+34) 922 374 348
German and English spoken.
Specialization: Civil law, mercantile, labour, fiscal. 


Fransisco Peleteiro Gallego and Sergio Pico Eimil
Phone: (+34) 981 122 066, Fax: (+34) 981 122 029, Mobile: (+34) 607981100
Specialization: Maritime matters.


Carmen Sanz Abogados
C/ Príncipe de Vergara 57-59, Bajo D. CP-28006 Madrid
Phone: (+34) 915 634 446; (+34) 607 421655; Fax: (+34) 915 633 086;
Email:; Web page:
Specialities: We cover the whole Spain from our offices in Madrid and Alicante. Wide experience in international transactions, particularly representing Norwegian companies, establishing companies in Spain and assisting the boards of directors. Labour Law. Corporate law. Contract law. Property law. Tax. Family law. Inheritance. Litigation.
Languages: Norwegian, Spanish and English

Alfonso XII, 32-6 derecha. CP-28014 Madrid
Phone: (+34) 914 202 108; Fax: (+34) 914 202 235;
Contact person: David Navarro de Palencia Gilkerson (Partner)
Specialization: Solicitor Practice Representing in Spain large Norwegian & International Industrial Groups. Areas: Corporate, M&A; Company Law; Competition, Insurance; Litigation; Industrial Property, Labour and Social security

Scudamore Abogados
Plaza de Castilla, 3 - 15º E2. CP-28046 Madrid
Phone: (+34) 915 939 126. Fax: (+34) 915 939 613
Email:; web page:
Geographical biz area: Madrid
Contact person: Jeremy R. Scudamore
Specialization:International business, international trade, real estate.


Andersen & Bache-Wiig AS
Phone: (+34) 685 846 056; (+47) 977 772 43
Contact person: Line Juuhl

Cramer Advokater SL
Camino de Coin, 5, Edif. Don Eduardo 1E. CP-29640 Fuengirola
Phone: (+34) 952 199 446; (+34) 639 437 244; Fax: (+34) 952 580 688
Specialization: Legal assistance to Norwegian citizens and companies.

Henrik Lund
C/. Mª Auxiliadora 2A Edf. Pata Pata. CP-29600 Marbella
Phone: (+34) 952 821 900

Desirée Rogner
Ricardo Soriano 21, 29601 Marbella (Málaga), Spain
Phone: +34 952 77 88 99
Specialities: Desirée Rogner is in charge of the Scandinavian Desk at Lexland Lawyers.
Languages: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English and Spanish

Vogt Asociados, S.L.
C/. Ricardo Soriano 65,2-3. CP-29600 Marbella
Phone: (+34) 952 776 707; Fax: (+34) 952 770 501;
Email:; web page:
Contact person: Einar Askvig
Parent company/Norwegian partner(s): Vogt & Wiik
Specialization: Law, sale and purchase.


MB-Gómez Abogados
Adress: c/ Poeta Cano Pato, nº2, 7ºB. 30009-MURCIA
Phone: (+34)  649 818 363
Email: Web page:
Specialization: International law, civil law, family law, businnes law and public law.
Our team can  provide a full Spanish conveyancing service on the purchase and sale of Spanish residential and/ or  commercial properties.


Rosa Mª Torrens Sánchez
Calle San Miguel nº 46-2º, esc. izda. CP- 07002 Palma de Mallorca
Phone: (+34) 971 724 075; Fax: (+34) 971 711 801
Specialization: Inheritance law, litigation, Family law, Civil law
Languages: Spanish, English, Catalan  and some understanding of Italian.

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